Elite Swimming

School Age Lessons

Our school age Learn to Swim program is divided into 5 levels and links into a comprehensive squad program. The program is designed to allow the individual swimmers optimum development with minimal disruptions and small class sizes.

All lessons operate during the school terms with holiday programs being scheduled during some school breaks. These programs will be advertised in advance.

Bathers must be worn into the pool (no shorts, t-shirts or underwear) and swimmers are only permitted in the pool during their scheduled lesson times. Children are expected to wear goggles and a swimming cap during their lesson; this will assist with maximising swimming performance.

Our Levels

Seahorse (Entry Level)

Children learns the foundation of the freestyle & backstroke assisted by the teacher while using the kickboard. They also learn to kick to the wall from 3m.


Unassisted kicking and flotation is encouraged as well as independent swimming (freestyle and backstroke). Children learn to recover objects from the bottom of the pool (90cm) and enter and exit the pool safely.


Children are taught the fundamentals of freestyle and backstroke through practise and progression. At this stage of learning children learn the importance of treading water. Correct diving technique is taught and children progress from recovering objects from shallow water to deep water (1.2m depth).


Efficient technique of freestyle and backstroke is developed during this stage of swimming. Children are taught the fundamentals of breastroke through practise and progression. The introduction of tumble turning is introduced through the learning of somersaults.

Advanced Learn to Swim (ALTS)

Correct technique of all strokes must be present for children to take part in this level. Individual medley is introduced and developed in this level. There is also a focus on times, tumble turns and competitive dives which will lead into competitive swimming.


Teachers regularly assess each swimmers progress in preparation for the next level.

Children in our learn to swim program are encouraged to attend our Family Fun Carnival each term. It is a fun and encouraging meet and is a way to introduce your child to competition and is a great way to evaluate their progress. Details of our next family fun carnival can be found below.