Elite Swimming

Pre School

Parent Play

These classes cater for those children who are aged between 12 mths and 2 ½ years of age. Parents must be in the water with their child at all times.

The focus of these classes are water play, water familiarization and confidence and also to teach basic skills (kicking, blowing bubbles).


These classes focus on encouraging children to gain confidence through kick work, buoyancy drills, breathing techniques, water safety and the basics of good technique. 

These are structured classes and although a large fun element is included these classes are not “water-play” based programs. Parents do not need to be in the water with their child but must accompany their child pool side.


  • Kicking with the aid of a flotation device. (noodle, board)
  • Blowing Bubbles.
  • Jumping from the edge with the assistance of the teacher.
  • Using basic arm strokes with the assistance of the teacher.


  • Enter & exit pool safely.
  • Float unassisted using a flotation aid.
  • Submerge & blow bubbles.
  • Jumping from the edge of the pool unassisted into 1.2m depth pool.


Children are not expected to swim anything independently at this level.